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    I am new to this forum, and I intend to contribute as much as I can. I have 12 years of professional experience to draw from to answer your questions.

    I am a big proponent of training, and support of products and services. I trained over one thousand dealers on how to install and sell the HAI system. I was also big on getting alternative OS to work with their software. I figured out how to a Macintosh can operate an HAI system using their web browser, although I never had much luck with the Palm OS.

    However, the point of my post is not to push HAI, I do not work for them anymore. My endeavor is to help in the industry; I have spent many hours developing a computer based training series.

    The first of which I have finished, it is based on HAI's OmniTouch Loader software. I chose this one to start as it was simpler, and I actually found a step that the documentation, does not cover in setting up your PC.

    I would like to invite anyone who is interested in trying out this training course. I am interested in hearing your feedback, if the concept is worthy of my time to develop.

    This is a free course, there is nothing to buy, and I just ask you to leave me some feedback. Again, if I bothered anyone with this post, I sincerely apologize, but I felt this forum would give me good technical feedback.

    Also do you have courses you would like to see have training on?

    Here is the link to download

    There are three versions of the training one each for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day.


    P.S. I have a long-standing challenge. I have challenged that I posed to all the dealer that I have trained that they cannot come up with an application that I cannot solve using automation products on the market. My only qualifiers, it must be in existence, you must be able to control it in the first place, and it does not have its own will.

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