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Compro M200 not compatible on XP x64 pc?


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As a bit of light relief at work I have been building a basic internet/media pc to sit at the side of my desk for some upcoming weekend work that could get very boring (hours and hours of watching permissions apply...yaaaawwwwn) and could be helped along by being able to watch a bit of TV or some DVD's.

We have just bought a copy of XP x64 that we had not used so I decided to use that...but the one piece of kit that is not working is the Compro M200 PVR pci card. It just wont install the thing and no matter what I have tried it cannot find drivers for it.

I have had one message that points towards the x64 operating system being the problem but I just wondered if anyone else had a Compro card on an x64 operating system before I start again.

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