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I've run multiple runs of WF100 cable throughout the house which come back to a Triax multiswitch in my study cupboard.

Originally I was just going to use the screw on type connectors (f-type for the sat feeds and Belling-Lee/IEC for the tv aerials), but having done a bit more research I would rather use compression connectors.

Would I be correct in assuming that RG6 and WF100 cable is all but identical with respects to cable width when selecting the connector size?

I've found it all but impossible to find Belling-Lee/IEC compression connectors.
I saw F-Conn mentioned in this thread, Coaxial cable compression fixings but I can't seem to find any F-Conn products listed for sale.

Does this connection type actually exist anymore and if so can someone recommend somewhere where I can purchase them?

I assume the alternative is to use f connectors and then use an f to coax adapter?

If it's just a case of using f type compression connectors everywhere - what are the better brands?
I've seen Webro and Cabelcon recommended. What about other brands such as Platinum tools?

Also are there any recommendations for a compression tool? I have quite a few connections to do, so happy to spend more on better quality if necessary.

I see platinum tools have one, Platinum Tools® | Products | Crimpers | Coax Crimpers | 16220C
I also saw the Ideal one is recommended,

Thanks for your help


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Try to use good compression f connectors for as many connections as possible, there are adapters from f to belling lee, just finish with one or finish on a sheilded wall plate.

Are actually very good & love webro wf100 but get a better price than that

You should also get a prep tool as well as a compression tool

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