compressing itune file to fit a nano???


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hi there.

i was wondering if its possable to compress the itune file to fit a 1GB nano.

i ahve some downloaded and riped track that come to 2GB and want to fit it on a 1GB nano.

itune wont seem to let me conver them to 128 KBp mps file.

is there any want to get them compressed (on or of the fky) to store in my nano.

thnks skooby


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There are third-party tools which will compress on the fly, but I don't recommend this as you'll be waiting a long time. I put together a quad-core machine a while back to convert on the fly from Lossless to MP3 but even then it wasn't an acceptable speed for me.

The other way to do it is: iTunes allows a simple right-click 'convert to...' option on any track, or selection of tracks. In order to bring up that option, you must set the target file format and bitrate in the Import options (i.e. the format to rip to). So say you selected 128K MP3 there, you'll be able to go to a track or a selection, right-click and it will say 'convert selection to MP3'. That will then convert the selected file(s).

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