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Hi guys

Since my initiation into modern french cinema (The Brilliant Taxi trilogy) I have become an avid fan.

But I don't speak the language so trying to get english sub-titled versions on DVD is hard and I resort to using Ebay mostly, as anmd dvdzone2 don't tend to cater much for us francophiles

Now I know I keep missing great films and am getting a little bored (has anyone seen Daniel Auteil's Le Bossu? Swashbuckling loveliness!).

So hear is my question, does anyone know of a well run and comprehensive DVD retailer that specialises in French cinema with english subtitles?

I thought that maybe Canada would be a good source but alsa no too much obsession with their more stupid neighbours and their sorry excuse for a film industry.

Any ideas guys and gals?


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Hi John,

john77 said:
Hi guys. So hear is my question, does anyone know of a well run and comprehensive DVD retailer that specialises in French cinema with english subtitles?

It depends on if your DVD player is Region 2 only, or multi-regional. Basically, I'd use Movietyme (for Region 1 discs), or Play247 (for Region 2 discs).

The best companies for getting World Cinema information from is probably going to be somewhere like your local HMV shop (or their website).

If you want some great French movies though, try any of these:

Luc Besson (Director)
- La Femme Nikita
- Leon: The Professional (Director's Cut)
- The Fifth Element (It's actually in English, but...)
- Le Grand Bleu (Again, in English, but a great film)
- Joan Of Arc
- Subway

Other great French films:
- Cyrano De Bergerac (Gerard Depardieu)
- La Belle Noiseuse (4-hr version is superb)
- Weekend (Jean-Luc Goddard)
- Le Bosseu (Superb drama/action title)
- La Fille de D'Artagnan (aka D'Artagnan's Daughter, with Sophie Marceau)
- Amelie
- Delicatessen
- Three Colours: Blue / White / Red (Technically they're Polish films, but are in French language, with English subs)
- Belle De Jour
- Belle-Ville Rendezvous
- La Reine Margot (aka Queen Margot)
- Les Visiteurs
- Betty Blue: Version Longue
- Diva
- Jean De Florette, (and its sequel...
- ... Manon Des Sources
- Un Cour En Hiver
- Indochine
- Le Samourai
- Brotherhood Of The Wolf
- Irma Vep
- Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf
- Romance
- Baise-Moi

That should probably keep you going for awhile! :D The two main British DVD companies that release great pieces of French Cinema on good quality DVD's, are Metro Tartan / Tartan Video / Tartan DVD, and Artificial Eye. Both companies release French language movies, with English subtitles on UK Region 2 DVD's! Go have a browse at your local HMV, MVC or Virgin Megastore, and see their World Cinema sections. Then, simply pick a title you like the look of!

Hope that helps! :)



Hey Pooch

Thanks for the reply

Yes definitely multi region, most of these I have seen (a couple to check out though so thanks!), it's mostly more of the modern police crime thriller adventure types (eg The Nest, 36 quai des orfèvres, Blueberry{western}, B13, Taxi of course, Le Jaguar, Vidocq etc).

I was into the more arty Betty Blue and Three colours types whilst at Uni but got a little bored once I started work (funny how that happens isn't it?)

I'll check out Movietyme but don't really rate Play for foreign movies, but again I'm trying to find a retailer that will help me expand the titles to watch without me having to trawl through imdb like I do now, help me by doing some of the work you know?

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