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I am currently using my Epson S1 projector connected to my DVD player through the S-Video input.

I would like to use the composite video outputs (3 RCA sockets on my DVD player) but the composite video input on the projector is a 15-pin computer/multimedia socket.

I have looked around local stores but have been unable to find a suitable cable. Epson do make one as an option ($100!!) , but the local dealer does not stock them.

I could make up the cable myself but I need to find out how such a cable would be wired at the 15-pin end.

Grateful for any advice.


Keene definitely do the cable you are after. Why don't you give them a call? Make sure you let them know what model you have as H or V sync can be an issue.

BTW, I assume you mean component video, not composite :) Composite is a single phono connection with the entire video signal going down one cable. As you would expect given no channel separation it's usually crxp.


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Thanks VirusKiller.

Yes, I did mean component video.

Grateful if you could let me know how to determine whether I need H or V sync for the Epson S1.

Many thanks,


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Originally posted by calypso
Grateful if you could let me know how to determine whether I need H or V sync for the Epson S1.
I'm afraid I don't know. My first port of call would be the manual :rolleyes: but if that's not revealing, I'd simply talk to the people at Keene. I know, for instance, that they made a specific SCART -> RGB conversion cable for the Sanyo Z1. So they may well know what to do for the Epson.



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John the component signal has sync on green.
Pin connections on a 15 pin HDD connector for component are

1 red
2 green
3 blue
6 red ground
7 green ground
8 blue ground

hope this helps

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