Composite to S-Video Converter?



Does anyone know where it is possible to obtain a Composite-S-Video converter? Monster Cable make them in the US, but unfortunately they are NTSC only.

I have a Pioneer DVR-7000 DVD recorder which is connected to a Denon AVC-A10SE amplifier, using both Composite Video and S-Video connectors. The amplifier does not do conversion, so Composite Video input (VCR, etc) are only routed to its Composite Video outputs, and S-Video inputs (DVD, etc) are only routed to its S-Video output. I has assumed that the DVR-7000 would automatically select between the Composite Video and S-Video inputs, using S-Video if that was available, and failing that using Composite Video. However, I find that if I plug a cable into the S-Video input socket, even if the other end of the cable is not connected to anything, then the Composite Video input is disabled and no video input signal is recorded. This makes it impossible to use a mixture of Composite Video and S-Video sources connected to the amplifier.

Rather than dropping everything down to Composite, I'd much rather convert up to S-Video

Jason S



I got one from the States which works really well. It's really well made too, very high quality and delivery was under a week. It cost about £23 all in I think. It's all metal construction and quite heavy, I would consider it the equvalent to a QED cable, whereas the Maplin ones are cheapo. They may well do just as good a job though, I can't comment as I have not tried one. I do know mine does exactly the job you want (same here) very well and should last forever.

The link is and go to RCA to Svideo.


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