Components with ctrl-s/s-link out?


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Can anyone tell me which sony components, vcr, dvd, dvd recorder etc have a control-s/s-link OUT (I really do mean out which is even rearer than IN unfortunately) socket on the back please?:lease:

Sony seem to barely mention it other than on receivers but more than a few other bits of kit have them, I know I have some, it just isn't mentioned in the specs.

The reason I want to know is I have a setup where most of my kit is in a rack with its ir receivers obscurred. I want to use the ctrl-s/s-link sockets on the back of the components to run them, unfortunately while I can connect all the other kit in the rack to the receiver (also in the rack) and control them via the receivers ir (I have tried it and it works) my Sony RPTV kds55a2000 unfortunately does not have a control-s/s-link out so I cannot complete the setup by connecting the amp to the tv to use the tv's ir reciever.

I could of course just use any old ir repeater but the wired setup is so much neater. So as I could use a DVD recorder or even a vcr if I can ebay one and sit it under the tv that has the appropriate output I would do it but it never seems to get listed on the spec sheet. So if you know which models have the necesary socket please share:lease:

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