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Components for WHS 2011 NAS


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I'm looking to build a small form factor NAS. I had originally wanted to go with unRAID, but have done some more reading and am now looking into Windows Home Server 2011 with Flexraid. What I was wondering is if the following components would run with the case as its the SFF that i really like.


Lian Li PC-Q25B Aluminium Mini-ITX Computer Chassis Black - Smart, Smart & Compact PC Case - No PSU: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


Zotac NM10-F-E Intel Atom D525 CPU (1.8GHz) Motherboard - Scan.co.uk


Power supply

Corsair 430 Watt CX430 V2 Builder Series 80 Plus Power Supply (CMPSU-430CXV2UK) - dabs.com

Also with this case would it be best to install the OS on a SSD drive In the 2.5 inch bay which would leave all the 3.5 inch bays free to allow for more storage? Or should I partition off part of one of the 3.5 inch drives to put the OS on?

Any help would be appreciated



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Case = £114
mb&CPU = £87
Memory = £13
PSU = £35
= £249

Proliant N40L @ Ebuyer £260 - £100 Cashback = £160

And I think you may get the N40L cheaper

I know which I would choose.


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You don't need the speed of a SSD, how about a small 2.5" drive?
The case can hold 5 x 3.5" or 3 x 3.5" plus 3 x 2.5".
I know the motherboard has six SATA ports but it looks like you will only be able to use five given the size of the case.
From that I would suggest 1 x 3.5" OS drive and 4 x 3.5" RAID drives for media, you will use a slot for the OS drive in any case (pun intended).


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I've looked at the Proliant N40L and I don't like the look of it, I really like the lian li case and whilst it won't sit in the living room I want it to look good.

With regards to the drives it can take 5 3.5 inch drives in the Hot swap drive cage plus it can take a combination of 3.5 and 2.5 inch drive on the bottom drive cage so it can take up to 8 drives in total. That's why I thought about possibly using a 2.5 inch drive on the bottom cage for the OS and then this would leave me 5 3.5 inch drives in the hot swap drive cage and another 2 3.5 inch drives on the bottom cage along side the 2.5 in ch drive.

Can anybody comment on the performance of the CPU/motherboard/RAM with WHS 2011?



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Can anybody comment on the performance of the CPU/motherboard/RAM with WHS 2011?


Make sure you do have some ventilation in there - maybe not strictly needed, but definitely a good idea to prolong the life of all components.
Don't expect it to be fast, but it doesn't have to be - it's supposed to just sit there and mostly provide access to files. Are you planning on using it as a media player directly? If so, you may (or may not, try it and see) find that could struggle with some 1080p files. Also, don't expect it to be able to transcode files real-time if that's required.


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I wouldn't use it as a media player. I was thinking getting a Dune TV301. I would however like it Transcode my MKVs so I could stream to ipad/phone. Would I need a faster processor for that?



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An Atom really won't cut it for transcoding, you need to be looking quite a bit higher up the ladder...

I'm probably not allowed to post the details, but I run a company that builds fully-configured small form factor servers with WHS or Windows Storage Server, and we use that Lian Li case on some of our models. Its a great piece of kit, you'll get 5 x 3.5" drives in the hot-swap bays plus either 2 more 3.5" or 3 x 2.5" drives on a removable plate in the base of the case.

We certainly wouldn't recommend an Atom to anyone wanting to transcode, we'd say to look at at least a Core i3.

Drop me a PM if you want any info.

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