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I have just bought my first LCD TV...I also have an Onkyo AV system.

I am looking to wire everything up to get the best possible quality from my SD sources (I have no HD sources....Yet!).

I am aware that Component cable offers the highest quality transport..but my AV system will only output to my TV in Component if all of the inputs are Component.

Source type IN must be equal to Source type OUT

My normal Sky box, PS2 and DVD player have scart outputs only.

1) Can Sky Box and PS2 SCART be converted to Component by way of a cable

2) If the answer to (1) is yes is there any benefit to wiring like this, instead of just using S-Video, since the sources are not the best quality in the world and output SCART anyway.

3) Is there a more optimal solution

4) What cables would u recommend. Im willing to pay a bit for quality i can notice...but not for the additional 1% i cannot notice.

Thanks Gurus



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you can't convert scart or svideo to component with a cable, you'll need an active converter. your best option would be to connect both svideo and component to your tv from the amp, then connect the ps2 to the amp with component, and the sky box via s-video. otherwise you'll be spending money on a converter


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Is there not a setting on a standard SKY box to output in RGB? If there is then would a SCART to component lead would output in component?

Or are RGB and component different?

Thanks for the idea of connecting to both Component and Scart...hand't thought about that! :)


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rbg is not the same as component used in receivers, which is yCbCr format. they are not compatible. have never seen a receiver/amp that could take rgb


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Ahhh gotcha! That PS2 cable was RGB as well so would be of no use.

So..for non-component enabled stuff like SKY and PS2 i need good quality S-Video cables.

For my DVD player which i think is true component I can use a good component cable.


Any chance of recommending which quality cables to buy. I don't want to spend stupid money..but want to get a noticably good signal.

Are these any good Leads/op=eq.html


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The PS2 is capable of component output. The lead you found will work, you just have to change a setting on the PS2.

If you want the best quality from your sky box then just connect to your television by a decent RGB scart lead and only send the audio to your amp. You don't need to send all your video sources thru the amp. If it doesn't upscale, then the only advantage is simpler switching.

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