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component video through VGA

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by MikeKay1976, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. MikeKay1976

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    sorry for posting this here as well, but i think 1st time may have been in the wrong section, & i need to get advise on this asap so i can go ahead & get the bits ordered.

    my friend baught this TV,


    & sadly it doesnt have component video in. I suggested him sending it back, & getting a panel from here, but he likes the philips screen.

    below is what i have come to the conclusion is the best way to rig the TV up.

    what i want to know is does anyone have any experience with the adapter, & with the component switcher? is there much loss in quality.

    below is the mai lto my mate


    I think you can still have component video on your TV


    just need to find reviews to make sure its good, but if you got that, then i would buy


    good quality component cables are half the price of good scart ones (the IXOS scart one i have borrowed was over £40) & to be honest the pic is still not that good cf with the same screen running through VGA on a PC in the shop,

    & on top of that I would buy the xbox kit hi def which would plug into the adapter so we should get brilliant quality pictures on the divx movies too.

    (that adapter should mean the pic should be like the one hooked up to a pc in the shop)
    so then you would have

    component AV switcher ---> componet -->VGA adapter to the TV

    then component lead for the DVD player ---> component AV switcher
    XBOX high def kit ---> component AV switcher

    Sky+ box via scart lead ----> TV RGB Ext1

    which leaves Scart Ext2 on the TV free for hooking up a video / camcorder / what ever.

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