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Hi All,

I'm looking to get myself a CA 340R because of price and it has all the features I could feasibly use. However, one thing confuses me about it. I am going to have one HDMI output to a TV and let the receiver do all the switching. I have a device with component (and composite) connectors though and I would like this to be outputted through HDMI via the receiver and the component or composite input. I'm aware that the 340R won't do audio over HDMI, but this doesn't matter as I'll be using S/PDIF with my HDMI video input for other reasons.

While I'm aware that you can't feasibly have a HDMI input -> component output set up, will the 340R convert a component and composite input to a HDMI output and display it when it is switched? I couldn't get a definitive answer from the manual, although it logically should be possible.

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Yer. It seems as though after a bit of won't, which is a touch confusing. A receiver that does up converting is required, or I'll have to route the devices to the TV and then re-route their audio back again to the receiver. Even then, switching won't be handled by one box which is what I'd like.


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segedunum yes you're correct - you'd need analogue video upconversion if you want to route sources such as component video through the av amp/receiver and have them output over hdmi. Something which the 340R won't do. Depending on your budget and type/number of sources you'd have to look at an av amp like the Yamaha DSPAX861se ~ £240 - The two hdmi inputs are a bit stingy these days, but otherwise a good range of connectivity, purformance and features.

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