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Can sometime sort out my confusion regarding component video connections on receivers.

We've currently got a Tosh SD210 dvd player with component out and are planning to purchase a new receiver, as our old one currently only supports DD (Harman Kardon AVR75).

So we can use the receiver for video switching, can the new receivers component video out be connecting directly to a scart plug on the tv?I know there are 2 forms of component out -RGB and YuYc.. (or whatever it's called) - or is the separate rgb signals from compenent video different to that used through scart plugs?


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I think you're getting confused about Component Video and RGB. They are completely different formats. Component Video (YUV or Y, Pr, Pb) is usually transferred via 3 RCA Phono sockets as found on your Tosh DVD player. Although they are coloured Red/Green/Blue, the individual signal breakdown is carried differently to RGB.

However, your question about connecting Component to the AMP and then via 3 RCA to Scart is a valid connection method. The signal will still be Component Video though and no conversion to RGB will take place. This means that your TV would need to be able to accept a Component Video input signal via Scart. Currently there is only one TV manufacturer that I know off to include this connection method and that is Loewe on their AV3 Scart Socket. Most other TV's will only accept RGB/S-Video/Composite via Scart.

Some high end DVD players such as the Arcams can output RGB via their Component Video RCA Phono sockets with the addition of the RGB Sync signal being carried through the Composite Video output but your Toshiba cannot do this. This feature is really included for ease of connection to Plasma or Projection systems.

In your case, you would probably be best using RGB Scart from the DVD player directly to the TV. If you must use the AMP for video switching then you could make do with S-Video.


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Though RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is actually a component format the term "Component / Component connection" itself refers to YUV aka Y Pb Pr / Y Cp Cr which is not compatible with RGB.
The colors of the component connection (red, green, blue) contribute a lot to the confusion.

Thus I totally agree with groundy and recommend using a direct connection via RGB/Scart, too.

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