this possible...? any loss of quality?


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Hi...Could someone please clarify...

I'm having my 32" lcd delivered has DVI (component through dvi) and VGA.

Now the DVI will be used at some point for HD.
So therefore I am only left with Rgb scarts and VGA.

I want to connect the dvd player through it's component.

Is it possible to connect component to vga...?...ifso is the component signal true...or is there any loss of quality...?....+ where can I get this cable if it exists?

Thanks for any info.


The video signals that the VGA socket can accept depends on the setup options for the LCD screen. My series 4 Panasonic plasma can accept YUV, RGsB, RGBs & RGBHV via the VGA socket, but not all screens will accept all of these!
I use the VGA socket on my plasma fed from the Lumagen video processor and was advised that this would give the best possible picture quality for me. I would assume that therefore there would be very little loss of PQ with your screen connected via VGA.
To connect YUV component from DVD to LCD you will need a cable such as This.



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I'm going for a Philips 32pf9976....I checked on their site...but it does not mention about what it can accept from vga...?

Can anyone else enlighten...?


According to the manual it only has 3 Scarts plus DVI-I socket, the VGA input is via the DVI-I socket using the same pins as Component input via that socket.

Physically your HD DVI connection will use different pins on the same socket but they may not be able to switch between pins, you may get away with switching mode on that socket if you can find a splitter cable to seperate the DVI digital part of the socket from the analogue pins at the right :confused: hand side.

Alternatively use one of the 2 RGB enabled Scarts for DVD and make do with 576i input.

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