Component to VGA Help ?


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Hi all, I been reading up allot about component to VGA conversions and have become a little confused.

I know 2 ways this can be done.
1. Component > VGA cable
2. Component > VGA converter

My question is;
I have a Samsung Syncmaster P2250

Does anybody know is I can get away with using the Component to VGA cable?

Im at a loss of what to do right now and would appreciate the help



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"Please note that not all VGA / SVGA connectors will be compatible with component video, for example a PC will most likely output only RGBHV, please ask for advice if not sure."

so you need to ensure you equipment can produce the signal on a vga>rgb cable.

These cables are usually for PC to TV (vga to RGB) not the other way around as I understand it but it might be possible. what is the source going into that monitor ?


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OK what im trying to do is connect a Hauppague HD PVR (component cables) into my monitor which has VGA and DVI inputs im just looking for the most cost effective way to do this ether via VGA or DVI

Signal Input Connector 15pin D-SUB, DVI-D
Sync. Signal Separate H/V, Composite, SOG
Video Signal Analog RGB, DVI

if that helps ?
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