Component to VGA cable


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Hi Guys,

Where is a reputable place to buy one of the above cables? I've seen various ones on eBay but was unsure of quality. I'm not after anything extravagent, just one that will do the job.

FYI, it is to connect the componet out from my amp, to the VGA in on my plasma.

Many Thanks


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You may wish to check first that your plasma will accept a component signal via vga as I bought a 15m component to vga cable to connect my TV Drive to my projector and it didn't work.

In the end I had to buy a component to vga converter box to stick in the middle and so then needed a small component to component cable to conect to one end of the box and a 15m vga cable to go from the other end of the box to the projector.

That said, if your plasma will happily accept a component signal via vga and you just need a cable, then pm if you need one as long as 15m as I have a redundant one I'm happy to sell.

I assume you'll want one shorter though, in which case I bought mine from a company called HD Step, who are US based but ship to the UK. I paid £39.99 for the 15m one which included shipping.


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Thanks for the help guys. I've checked the plasma and it will accpet component through vga.
I only need a 1m cable so will keep my eyes peeled for one of those. It's a bit annoying as I jumped in and bought 3 component cables the other day, to now only realise I need 2 and the component to VGA.

Thanks for the link Stung, I'll check that out.

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