Component to HDMI converter? (Xbox 360)


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Hello, was just wondering if there is anyone who could help me.
Basically i have bought a monitor for my xbox 360 and i enjoy recording and uploading video's, now the only problem is i used a HD PVR before i got my monitor and obviously i can not use component to connect to my monitor as it only supports HDMI and VGA. Now i had 2 options is buy a component to HDMI converter and buy the Black Magic Intensity Pro. I dont want to jump into things as i have been looking around wondering if the Component to HDMI converter would reduce my quality when gaming, and if it didnt then it would mean me not having to spend an extra £110 on a new capture card.


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I use a Component to HDMI converter with the Hauppauge myself. It works fine, my reason for doing so differs slightly, which is due to my TV displaying the image with overscan and it looks slightly fuzzy over Component in comparison to HDMI. So I picked up a converter off flebay and it's worked out great.
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