Component to DVI cable vs component to vga to dvi.. Advice ?

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    My projector has a dvi input... I am currently running 3 very long (35') stereo cables, with rca adapters on each end (jerry rigged setup).. I join the 2 sets with rca "joiner" connectors (female jacks).. the originating components are truly component cables in that sense. On the other end i'm using a 3 foot component/vga cable into a vga to dvi adapter.

    I'm thinking of either purchasing a single 35' set of component cables (around $40 online).. or getting a 35' vga/component cable.. and then using the vga to dvi adapter on the other end.

    I also saw a "dvi to component" cable.. I'm assuming I could flip this around like i have done with the vga to component cable.. connecting the component end to my dvr/xbox and the other end the dvi connector on the projector.

    Has anyone tried the dvi to component cable (in reverse).. I'm assuming it will work fine.. as all i need is the component portion of the signal into my projection system?

    I'm assuming the component to dvi option is the "cleanest" or best picture solution? Or would a straight component cable to vga adapter to dvi connector be just as good?

    Thanks for any tips..

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