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first off im not entirely sure im in the right forum here but it looks like i could get the most help in here. Ok so i was looking at using some form of capture card/device to record output from my xbox 360. Capture card, yeah great but not quite waht im looking for. I want to be able to play the xbox on my tv in HD (1080i via component cables, red, green blue. AKA YPbPr) i want to also be able to record this at the same time this can be in SD or HD. I basically want teh cheapest way to do this as possible. As the 360 cable is a combined component and composite i tried to see if theres was some output through the yellow cable however it appears this does not operate whilst the xbox is in HD mode. I've had a good look around and i think the only way to do this would be to hook up the YPbPr cables to splitters and feed one set into the TV and the other set into the lines of this kind of thing,

Component YPbPr (RGB RCA) to Composite (Yellow RCA) and S-Video w/ Down Scaler - LKV7611, $49.95

then the output into a capture card/device. I also had a DVD recorder which i had previously used with my old xbox which only has composite in so that could be used in place of a capture card. I have also seen this

Component YUV RGB Scart Adapter Only £6.99 at TVCables

and my DVDR has a scart input but i have serious doubts about that actually working. PS i live in england and would prefer to buy from a supplier that is not overseas. Would any of the above work and might there be a cheaper option?


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The YUV Scart adapter won't work unless the DVD can accept component signal on the scart connection...... which is highly unlikely.

Can't help much on the other. Can your TV/monitor accept signal via VGA with 1 to 1 pixel mapping? There may be something on Keen electronics to split/convert PC type VGA to say RGB for hooking to a DVD recorder. I'm sure my sons XBOX connect via a VGA connection on his PC's monitor.

Keene Electronics: Video Conversion

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