Component switching with a panny


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as u already know the panny has 1 component socket.

So my question is is the a switchbox out there, so i dont need to keep switching the leads between my PS2 and DVD player?


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Originally posted by Bonesy
buy a decent, cheap AV amp... denon 1803 might have two inputs...

The 1803 does have 2 componant inputs, part of the reason I have ordered one :)


My Yamaha RVX-620RDS also has component switching.

Of no use to me though as I use the PC via VGA.

May come in handy someday.


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I dont wanna spend more than i already have buying an Amp.

Is there just a switchbox u can buy?

This is costing me a fortune :)


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There is nothing to stop you using a rgb capable scart switcher..... make up (or buy) two 'component to scart' connectors and a 'scart to component' connector. I suspect that you could also use a s-video or composite video plus stereo audio switcher ...... just wire up the appropriate cables in place of the composite and audio inputs.


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