component switching using svideo+composite sockets?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by richard plumb, Oct 26, 2005.

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    from rllmukforum - any comments? apparantly this should work as all connectors are 75Ohm?

    OK here's a nice little update for anyone interested in using this as a component switcher.

    As I said before I did try using the composite in's and out's (Video, Audio Left and Audio Right) with my component cables but ended up with a very dark picture.
    This, I've since found out, is caused by the audio having a higher impedence (1000 Ohm) compared to the video (75 Ohm).
    I then found out that the S-Video's impedence is also 75 Ohm and seeing as it carrys 2 video signals (Y luminance and C chrominance) I figured I could use these 2 and the 1 composite video for the 3 component video signals.

    Following a little chat with [email protected] about this last night he said I should make up some adapters (S-video plug to 2 phono females) to do the job.
    And that's just what I did today and I can happily report that it does indeed work.

    I used some S-video cables I had along with some female phono cables and connected the luminance (1 and 3) to one phono and the chrominance (2 and 4) to the another.


    So I ended up with something like this -

    Then I just plugged the audio leads of the component cable into the composite audio inputs, the green component lead into the composite video input, the red and blue component leads into the phonos of the adapter, and the adapter into the S-video input.
    The same for the other input component cables and also for the output one.

    And now I have a remote controlled 4-1 RGB scart/component switcher set up in the following way.

    RGB scart

    Freeview Box
    US N64 (RGB modded)



    As a test I turned on everything I had connected to it just to see if there was any interference between them all and there was none what so ever.

    S-video plug to 2xphono sockets from Keene

    New adaptor cable KLD73
    A short adaptor cable (20cm) consisting of an s-video plug to 2 phono line sockets - one for chroma & one for luma. Also useful for send 2 x composite video signals via an s-video cable.

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