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Component splitters - Which to go for?


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I've just got a new LCD TV which, sadly, only has one component-in. Now I know it's a digital age etc etc, but as I have a component DVD player, XBOX 360 and Wii that are all vying for a connection, I could do with a decent splitter solution.

I've looked around this forum, but nothing comes up recently, and I want to make sure I'm choosing a modern option.

As mentioned above I'm looking to connect the 360, Wii and DVD player.

What are my options and what sort of budget should I be saving for?!


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You actually need a component switch not a splitter.

1 input multiple outputs is a splitter, multiple inputs 1 output is a switch.

If you don't get any direct advice here 'Google' for 'component switch' and you'll get plenty of hits.


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Thanks for that - at leadt now I know what I'm hunting for! :oops:

OK, so a component SWITCH it is!

I have Googled this, and once again a million choices which all look a bit cheap and plasticky. Does anyone on the forums have any recommendations?

Thanks again


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I'm also looking for a reasonably priced optical switch which works well and I've just been looking at this one on the Maplin website:


It appears to be just what I need for my set up but, so far I've not found anyone who has it, so I'd appreciate any user input please.




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As mentioned above, there are issues with certain component switching units and the wii which date back to when the wii launched. When I set up a wii at a place I worked at, I needed a component switch for wii, DVD, PS2, Xbox360 etc. and bought a Zektor unit which was sourced from tmfsolutions. It worked but it was expensive.

The best solution is an AV receiver! Why don't you look at a cheap receiver and speakers and upgrade your sound at the same time? ;)


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An update on the possibilities:

JS Tech offer this lovely switch, but it only accepts 2 inputs, and I need 3, I'm told that I can cascade them - but at £55 x 2 - it's fairly pricey - although nothing compared to the last suggestion!!

Joe Fernand

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Hello all

rimibar - a 'clean' YUV switch is not easy to find. A lot of the low cost units are great with SD on a relatively small display but not so great with HD to a larger Display.

Brave01Heart - low cost Optical switch gear is mostly junk; if your lucky you'll find one that works. Would an HDMI + Optical switch work for you?

Decent switch gear is relatively costly:

YUV + Stereo/Coaxial/Optical - The Media Factory

Optical - Audio Authority® - Product Details: 1177A

HDMI + Optical - Media Factory - Connect, Control and Install your Audio Visual equipment!


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