Component ro RGB Scart cable 'Progressive Scan' question



Right, I'm confused!!

From what I have been reading from searching on this forum... You cannot get a PROGRESSIVE SCAN picture running from a RGB Scart socket on a DVD player??

So, you have to use Component cable to get that Prog Scan picture onto your TV. I don't have a component input on my TV, only 2 RGB Scarts as my premium connectors.

So my question is... If I was to use one of these cables (Component to RGB Scart cable)


Would I be able to get a Progressive Scan image from a DVD player onto my 32" LCD TV via RGB Scart socket?? Or is there something else I need?? Does the telly have to accept the image?

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Your TV needs to (a) accept a progressive component signal and (b) accept it via Scart.

AFAIK there aren't many TV's that have the ability to do both. Usually it's RGB (non progressive) via Scart or component (progressive) via 3 x RCA for a direct component signal connection via a 3 x phono to phono lead.

You can get component to RGB converters, but what you describe is just a lead which allows a Scart connection to hook up to a component source. It won't actually convert component to RGB which 99.9% is what your TV is expecting on Scart. You can check if your TV will accept component via the Scart socket, but I'd be surprised if it will.


Not really sure as to how I would check whether my TV would accept a prog scan signal?! What am I looking for? Something to do with the screen resolution?

That lead I posted above... surely that is RGB enabled as its taking a component source (RGB) and outputting it to a Scart connection??

My TV has 2 RGB Scart inputs if this helps :confused:


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What LCD have you got?

This cable will not convert the signal, try not to confuse the type of plug you are using with the kind of signal you are sending. If you connect this from DVD component into LCD scart, then the signal the whole time is progressive component YPbPr. It is hugely unlikely that your TV will accept this via scart.

(it is even less likely that it would accept progressive component RGB via scart, which is a different thing to component ypbpr).


I've got a Goodmans 32" LCD TV... not HD Ready. I do get a great picture through the RGB Scart with my Freeview box though, which is why I was interested in a Prog Scan DVD Player!!


Key Features
Flat Panel Type LCD Television

Screen Size 32 inch

Contrast Ratio 600:1

Display Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Display Capabilities
Broadcast Format Displayed 720p (HDTV) • 480p (EDTV) • 480i (SDTV)

Built-in Tuner NTSC • PAL

Native Aspect Ratio 16:9

Interpolated Aspect Ratio 4:3
Image Quality
Display Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels

Brightness 450 cd/m²

Viewing Angle 170

Adjustable Color Temperature Without Adjustable Color Temperature
Remote Control
Remote Control Standard

Illuminated Remote Non-Illuminated
Audio Features
Audio Type Stereo

MTS Stereo SAP / MTS Stereo
Technical Features
Picture in Picture Without PIP

Parental Control Proprietary

Sleep Timer With Sleep Timer
Headphone Jack With Headphone Jack
Screen Text
Closed Caption on Mute Without Closed Caption On Mute
Number of Speakers 2 Speakers

Speaker Power 2 x 8 Watt
Cabinet Color Silver

Included Accessories Remote Control Batteries

Product ID 28038320


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I can't find a proper spec on it (that one says the only connector it has is for headphones, doesn't even mention the scarts!). I think it's safe to assume though that it doesn't have progressive scan inputs. Will have to be RGB scart for DVD too

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