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Component RGB vs Component Progressive


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I have an ageing Aiwa 21" TV which I use for gaming and I plan to replace soon with another CRT TV.

The CRT TV I have my eyes set on is the Toshiba 32ZP48.

Apart from watching DVDs on it, I am also going to be playing games on it via my PS2/XBOX.

Both of these consoles can output a component progressive scan image.

What I would like to know is how much of a difference to the eye is a Component RGB Scart compared to Component Progressive.

Also how good is the quality of the Component RGB and Component Progressive on the Toshiba 32ZP48, especially in NTSC?

Is it definately the best 32" CRT TV on the market?



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There is no "definately the best 32" CRT TV" on the market as far too much is down to subjective opinions.

I have the the Panny PD30 (which has now been replaced by the PD50) and I can certainly note the difference between RGB & prog scan - the later creates a much sharper and solid picture but the Panny has always been well known for favouring (and being exceptionally good with) Component & in particular prog scan over its RGB Scart inputs (which are still good but pale in comparison to component)

Unfortuantly not as many places sell CRTs as there used to be - my recommendation would be to find a 'proper' TV shop (rather than the likes of Currys) and ask them to do a demo of the Tosh & Panny with a decent prog scan input as well as an RGB source for you to cross compare. With the quality of feeds that the likes of Currys give their display models I am always surprised that they ever sell any TVs (and that isnt taking into consideration their major overpricing)


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It is worth noting ,that even using an interlaced signal through decent component leads ,the difference over scart is very noticable.Progressive scanning doesnt look better on every dvd.Some of my older discs look terrible on p/s.


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I wouldnt say that I have come across any DVDs that 'look terrible' on p/s but would agree that as the definition is so much better it will highlight any flaws in the same way that it highlights a particularly good transfer

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