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I listened to GoldenEar Triton 3+ speakers at my local dealer this weekend and they blew me away. I'm having a house built and will have a 23 ft x 24 ft room with 13 ft ceilings that I'm making into a home gym. I'm going to build a new music audio system for this room. Loud, quality music is important to me. Probably just going to go with Triton 2+ to take it up a notch. I love great sound - but I'm fairly new to all this stuff - would love some advice on what to purchase to push these speakers. I've spent several hours reading on this forum and gotten some ideas, but certain aspects of my situation are unique and I don't want to assume anything given the large investment.
  • Room Size - 23'x24'x13'
  • Room Configuration - Will have a 12x12' climbing training board, squat rack, treadmill, and other strength training gear.
  • What I'll be doing in the room - Strength training & Climbing where I want to have quality music, at occasionally very loud levels (helps me lift more weight!)
  • Sources - Exclusively will stream from a Sonos Port. Maybe occasionally from my iPhone. No CDs, No turntable, etc.
  • What I listen to - this is for Music only (no TV, etc.). I listen to Hip-Hop, Rock, and Alternative
  • What I want - High quality, crisp, clear, articulate, full sound that's on the brighter side. Loud when I want.
  • Budget for Amps/Pre/Post/etc - $3,000-5,000 USD
  • Other Requirements - Want ability to control volume from my iPhone. Would like it to be able to turn on automatically when the Sonos Port starts playing music.

What are some good options (make & model) to use to get the most out of these speakers for my given situation? I'm open to an Integrated Amp or separates. I know there's no single answer, but when you're new this stuff is really confusing since it seems you can't just read, for instance, Watts, and make a judgement. So I'd like to have a handful of opinions with options.

Thanks so much for your advice!


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Sounds like a great room, first question is what are going to be on the walls and floors, most Gyms I have se have bare walls and tiles or Lino or wood floors, all pretty bad for acoustics and will heavily compromise sound quality and may negate spending something like $10k on speakers and amp when a couple fo stand mounted pro PA active speakers will give the same result.

The other thing being that you will get good sound in one spot probably of a maximum 6ft x 6ft square in the middle of the room, outside of that then again the sound will be compromised, i.e. you will loose stereo imagery and sound stage, is that Ok?

If you are happy with the above then something second hand from Krell, Bryston or Parasound would be worth looking into if you are in the US.


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I would say, talk to GoldenEar, they will have recommendations as to what plays nicely with the Tritons.

They have been helpful to me in the past when i called them (GET Dealer here in the UK, with my own personal GET setup)


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I’d seriously consider the Lyngdorf TDAi 3400.

Seriously powerful, just about every connection a fellow could need and tablet/phone controlled.

And of course Room Perfect. A revelation for those who favour removing the room from the sound. And everyone really should.
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Sounds good.

Advise room eq as those room dimensions line up bass peaks close together.


What I take from this video is its not worth messing with room dimensions.

You might consider using in wall speakers.

If your getting up and down the kef looks good.


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