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Component Problem


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I have bought a Samsung PS50Q97HDX.

I have connected my old DVD player, Sky+ box and Wii through scart (at different times), and they all work fine.

I wanted to connect by Sky+ box via Component. I have tried this and I get nothing, followed by a message "Mode Not Supported". I assume this is something to do with resolution, but am not sure. I assumed that the lowly resolution of the Sky+ box would still work on the TV using RGB/component?

I then tried the component input with my old DVD player, and I simply get a blank screen.

I then tried the Wii - A pinky flickery picture is all I get. I can change the output on the Wii to two different resolutions, both had similar results.

I assumed that if I bought an HD TV, (it is not 1080 I do not think), that I would still be able to view normal stuff! I obviosuly can through scart, but had also assumed through component. I have yet to try the S Video input or composite on the site, but do not think I find a need.

I have also not tried the HDMI inputs (I had assumed these where the HD plugged in, and didn't realise the HD could be used over component/scart).

Any info or advice - This is annoying, as RGB is a far better output to be using with the Sky+ box. I feel like I have just wasted money!

Thanks in advnace!


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What exactly were you using to connect your Sky+ box to a component input?

Sky+ has RGB on the SCART but that is not the same as a component output.

Deleted member 30535

"RGB" is not the same as component, even though confusingly, component connections tend to be coloured Red Green and Blue. They are entriely different siganls and not "interchangeable". Sky+ only output RGB over scart. Getting a scart lead with 3 RGB phono leads and probably a pair of stereo audio leads, will not work on component inputs. With Sky+ you need to stick with Scart to Scart (both RGB of course).

On your DVD, you may have component outputs but you need to probably use a Scart lead at first to find the menu which swithces the DVD output from RGB Scart to component. This may then work fine with your TV. But if you can use HDMI then do so, it could give you better results than both component and RGB Scart and with the ease of a small one-off cable.

Sorry, I don't know about the Wii to comment about its outputs.


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Well that is me told then!

I had fooshly thought that RGB was the same as component!

I think my old DVD is RGB and composite only. I am looking to change this anyway.

The Wii I am sure is also only RGB or composite.

The sky+ is RGB and composite only too.

Shame. I had assumed I could just plug these three items into my TV and that would be that.



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If the DVD has three RCA outputs, colour coded red, green and blue then this is component. The wii does support component and outputs up to 480p if your TV supports progressive scan. The Sky+ box, however, is just RGB.

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