component over s-video?


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hi currently using s-video connections throughout my av system. I.e. for divx player to amp, xbox to amp, dvd recorder to amp and dvd player to amp. They are the silver plated Black Rhodium or silver plated QED s video leads.

Then i run a QED SVS S-video silver lead from monitor out of Pioneer 'AX2 amp into the s-video enabled scart of my CRT Panasonic 28" tv.

I am considering using component connections now...all the kit is pretty good but the best component-scart lead I can find is

I should in theory be able to use that to connect the monitor out of the 'AX2 into the RGB scart in of the Panasonic.

Question is- would the quality of that lead make it worthwhile still?
Thanks for any assistance :thumbsup:


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Does that receiver upconvert signals from S-Video to Component? If not, you'll have to stay on the same bus, meaning that you would have to connect your devices to the amp using component leads and then to the tv using component too.


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hi there...yes sorry i meant i would be replacing the svideo leads too from the dvd player(s) to the amp as well as from the amp to the tv.

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Hello rozzar

If your TV is not fitted with a YPbPr 'Component' video Input then your plan is not going to work.

S-Video (2 core), YPbPr (3 core) and RGB (4 core) are not directly interchangeable - you require active electronics to inter mix these three different flavours of video signal.

The SCART to 3RCA cable you link to assumes you are Inputting or Outputting YPbPr (Component) video from a Source or a Display that is equipped to Input or Output YPbPr via a SCART socket - pretty rare.

The cable is no use if you have a YPbPr 'Component' video equipped sources and an RGB SCART enabled TV - you can physically connect the two bits of kit but you won't see an image.

Assuming your TV has RGB enabled SCART Inputs you have three choices:

01. Do nothing and be happy with the S-Video connectivity your already using.

02. Add an RGB enabled SCART switcher (approx 80.00 GBP) to your system and install the relevant SCART cables to all of your sources devices (plus configure each device to output RGB on SCART) then use the Pioneer Remote to switch the SCART switch in tandem with the audio source selection on your AV Receiver.

03. Install the relevant YPbPr 'Component' Video cables to each of your source devices (and configure each device to Output YPbPr 'Component' video) - connect each Source to your AV Receiver so you can switch up to three YPbPr Sources through the AV Receiver - then install a YUV2RGB converter to the YPbPr Output of the AV Receiver so you can connect it to the RGB enabled SCART Input on your TV.

Option 03 is the most expensive option and requires the most amount of signal 'conversion' (some would say mangling) though it is possible.

JS-Technology supply the relevant YUV to RGB converter - see

They also have a good guide to video signal compatibility (or lack of) - see


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I am 99% that the PL1 doesnt have Y Pb Pr inputs the later Acutity sets did and so too do some JVC i think the PD series was the first with Y Pb Pr from panny and its the JVC DIST sets i think

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