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Component output ---> SCART input


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I have a Denon 1906 receiver which I am trying to hook up to my television.

I have a DVD Player, Wii and BT Vision box all input via "Component" cable - the thing is, my television does not have component input.

I have tried to get round this by outputing via a component cable, and using this adaptor SCART PLUG TO 3 PHONO COMPONENT/RGsB ADAPTOR: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo to allow me to connect to the TV SCART socket

It ain't working

Have I completely misunderstood, and does anyone have advice as to a way forward? TV has composite, s-video and two SCARTs as inputs




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There are not many TV's which can accept component over Scart im afraid. The RGsB refers to the 'sync' signal being transmitted over the green cable. The sync for Scart is transmitted over the composite video pin. Therefore, your only probable option is to get a component switcher.


EDIT: Sorry, just seen that you dont have any component input at all. You could look at getting a component to scart or S-Video converter or the other option is to connect all the units by scart. You would need to get a Scart cable for the Wii and then you could daisy chain the units into the RGB enable Scart input on the TV to make the most of the picture quality.
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Component video and rgb video aren't the same thing so you can't input a component signal into a rgb (scart) socket.

The cable you have allows you to input a component signal into a scart socket that accepts a component signal (e.g. some Loewe televisions do this) but it doesn't convert component to rgb.

To convert component video to rgb you'll need a device called a 'transcoder'. Do a google search for a component to rgb transcoder (or converter) rather than an adapter. An adapter just allows you to change the connectors.



As already stated you need to convert the YUV Component video signal to RGBcvS as carried by scart. To do that you need to buy a converter such as This, but at £90 they aint cheap. You then need to make sure that the scart socket on your TV that you plug this into is capable of accepting an RGB signal - not all scart sockets on CRT TV's can, but they do all tend to on plasma & LCD TV's, but you would need to confirm it for your specific TV.



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Ouch - given that my receiver was £60 off EBay, a £90 convertor sounds a bit horrendous :)

Ah well, I think I have two options, buy a component input telly (can see a few second hand on EBay), or connect all inputs to my receiver via S-Video or composite

Thanks for your help



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You have a third option, don't send the video thru the receiver and just use it for audio. Depending on how many inputs your TV has.

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