Component or VGA


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I have my 360 connected to my 720p projector displaying at 102".

Can anyone let me know if i would get a better picture with VGA or should i just leave it as component.


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It would be different but not necessarily better. It will depend on how your projector processes each input type as to which one you prefer.


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Best bet is to try and see what you prefer.

I can only talk from experience of my Toshiba 37X3030DB LCD, and I will generalise a bit here. I prefer VGA, the picture looks more solid than Component on my display, also colours appear less washed out and there was notably less edge smearing. However on the flip side I could do 1080p via component and only 720p via VGA (not that it matters that much as most games native res is 720p and your display if 1080p would upscale anyway).

On a final note, there is much coverage on the HDMi port on the 360 being an after thought and as such VGA in particular if often preferred because it actually produced a better picture, I can't comment on this as I don't have a HDMi 360.



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Probly the best bet is trying it like everyone said, personally i always used vga over componet but after using a DVI>HDMI converter i use HDMI now have you thought of trying that?

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