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what is the difference between a RCA Component video cable (over £100) and a COMPONENT VIDEO LEAD (@£35) - apart from the price obviously!


Without seeing the two products it's difficult to tell, however, my guess (based on the product descriptions) would be as follows... the "RCA Component video cable" includes connections x 3 at either end (all you need) while the "COMPONENT VIDEO LEAD" is just a single lead (i.e you would need three of them bringing the price to £105 for a setup!)

Anyone else want to take a guess???!!!

the cheaper one can be seen on

From: 3 x gold plated phono/RCA plugs
To: 3 x gold plated phono/RCA plugs
Cable: 99.96% pure oxygen free cable, double shielded. 1.5 or 5 or 9 metres
Functions: Carries a component video signal from a DVD player to an AV amplifier's switching and onto/or directly into the component video inputs of a television, projector or plasma screen.

The more expensive:

no picture:

QED SR-CV RCA Component video cable 1.0M
High quality YUV cable available with Phono connectors

They both 'appear' to be the same...
Ok... I'm stumped... ;) Come on though - I thought it was a good guess ;) :p Hehe...

Can't see much of a difference - anyone want to comment on the in's and out's of component leads???!!! ;)

If you want some really good advice just purchase if you havant already a good video s lead and save your self £70 odd quid !!!
A video (composite) or component cable should preferrably have an impedance of 75 Ohm, however note that RCA connectors don't comply with this requirement (BNC does as there are 50 and 75 Ohm types).
That said I wouldn't pay too much for such a lead, under the second link yo can find some cheaper cables, too, like this one here "IXOS 1713AV RGB 3RCA to 3RCA" which is labelled as 75 Ohm cable.
Just trust your own eyes....Don't even try to understand why one cable is 'better' than another (or actually why one is less worse than another).

I tried a few, Ixos (Cheap), Chord (Middle Ground) and Supra (Middle Ground). I preferred the Supra by far as on my system it produced nice vibrant colours with good contrast.

However that does not mean this cable will produce it on your system.

Try before you buy.....


Living where i live, try before you buy isn't much of an option, unless companies do 'sale or return'. It is m ore of a buy and try, and if it isn't good, try and unbuy.

I just thought one of you knowledgable geezers would be able to detect a difference (given the huge difference in price) - you know the kind of thing - "Oh, RCA stands for the new Really Crap*y Architecture, and you really should go for the more expensive one is you are using DVD".

But it appears that no-one can detect a difference. I will order the cheaper one and see if it suits.



RCA is nothing more than the type of connector at the end of the cable. RCA is most common for component video signals, although you may also find some systems using a HD-15 connector.

Can you tell me a bit more regarding the equipment you are trying to connect, things like:
Are you using a tv, projector (front or rear) or plasma. Which make and model?
Are you using a progressive scan compatible DVD. Again make and model.
Are you switching via an amp or connecting the DVD directly to you monitoring source.
What distance is your amp or dvd away from your monitoring source.
What other cables are there in the proximity you are trying to run these ones.
Do you have a full 5.1 or higher surround setup.


Hi Jean Paul

I am looking to connect various things. Mainly from a DVD player to a projector. I run a touring rural cinema circuit and we are about to demo a lot of kit - projectors and DVD's, some of which have a component connection. I obviously have s-video too, but i wanted to see what differences there are between the connections.

So I will be looking at prog scan. I don't have definite models of Projectors yet, we are shortlisting about 6 for demo.

The distance form the DVD to the Projector is less than a metre.

Other cables will include the audio cables form the DVD which will plug into a Folio Mixer, which will be nearby. The sound is stereo only.

I hope that covers it - i did order the cheaper one in the end. :blush:
At less than a meter distance you won't have too much loss hopefully. I have got it all built-into my living room with the cables running in between the ceiling void and then chased in the walls down to the AV-rack.

I noticed quite a difference on the longish run (12 metres). But you should be allright.

Good luck, it sounds like an interesting project you are doing.


Thanks JP,

I'll let the forum know how i get on with the cable.

If anyone is interested I could write up how we get on with the demo day - half a dozen projectors.

Gordon (Fraser) is coming down for the day (hopefully!), so it should be an informative time!

Thanks for your input!


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