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Les E

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I've just bought a 10 metre Belden component lead from the power buys section which I can highly recommend.

I am getting together all the essential cabling for a future install where all the cables will be hard wired into the walls/ceiling.

My wiring consists of:

DVD via HDMI to Infocus 5700 Projector
Sky + via RGB Scart>Component to Amp
PS2 via Connector>Component to Amp
Amp via Belkin Component to Infocus 5700 Projector

However I am reading reports that Sky + will not except RGB scart to component (Y,Pb, Pr) and I am having a hella time trying to get a quality RGB Scart to Component. The Amp does support Y, Pb, Pr as does the projector!

I am also looking for a PS2 to Component lead which is good quality but finding very few available.

Basically I want to throw everything thru the Amp (except for the DVD), so what is my best option for cabling?

Les E

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Thanks Mark much appeciated. I think this will definately be the way to go.

Sorry 'bout the cable mix-up...Monday madness and all that! Just to let you know I am really pleased with the Component cable and highly recommend them to anyone who wants quality cables!!

Cheers! :smashin:

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