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Component / High Definition / Progressive Scan Support

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by NeilMcRae, Feb 11, 2003.

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  1. NeilMcRae

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    The Xbox supports Hi-Def pictures and progressive scan, unfortunately not on PAL consoles.
    It is possible to import a High Definition kit from the US, but on a PAL console it will *only* display a normal interlaced picture. There is a bug in early Xbox PAL consoles that once connecting a HiDef adaptor the options for HiDef become available, however, they do not actually do anything at all. Microsoft have fixed this bug in the Xbox Live update and in newly purchased consoles. The bug fix still allows a Hi-Def adaptor to be used but it does not display any of the Hi-Def options. Instead it displays the usual screen ratio and refresh rate [50hz/60hz] options, and of course you will still only get a normal interlaced picture.

    The options for PAL owners is to install a mod-chip and use the region selection disc [although beware that XBox Live bans users with installed modchips although some have a switch that allows you to disable the mod chip] that enables the use of Hi-Def modes on some, but not all, PAL Games. This will of course work with NTSC games running on a mod-chip enabled console. Or you could import a US console which is the recommended solution.

    NTSC Xbox consoles support 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i, although not all games support these modes. Most NTSC games support atleast 480p.

    You can import the Hi-Def kit from http://www.tronixweb.com/
    Game have had some of these kits made by Gamester also.


    Again the Gamecube supports Progressive Scan mode 480p, and some support is present on PAL consoles when using Freeloader and a US or JPN game with progressive support. Most Nintendo first and second party games support progressive scan.

    When using freeloader, use the manual selection of flags then hold down the red button on the controller when the game disc boots, you should be prompted to switch to progressive scan mode. Note that this is still to be widely tested but atleast Zelda is known to work.

    You can import the GC component video lead from: http://www.ncsx.com/ and http://www.lik-sang.com/

    Playstation 2

    At launch the PS-2 supported 480i through a component video lead, however more recently a number of games have progressive scan support. The good news from a PAL perspective is that this works on PAL PS-2 consoles also, so far the following PAL games have support for progressive scan:

    Tekken 4 and The Getaway

    You can order a component video lead from the UK Playstation shop at http://shop.uk.playstation.com/sony/default.asp?so=1


    The DC supports VGA mode which most progressive scanning displays will accept. 95% of DC games support the VGA box, these are available from most DC retailers.


    Gaming Help

    One of the best sites for finding out information and help/cheats/solutions on gaming issues is GameFaqs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/

    This includes information on hardware problems, retro games and a lot of other information.

    Xbox Versions


    The web page above gives indepth know how on finding out what your XBox version is.

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