Component Fault - just unlucky ?

deaf cat

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I have just had my AVR200 repaired it was a couple of diodes and a capacitor that were playing up on the digital conversion board (or something like that).

Just wondered if this fault could have been caused by me leaving the amp on 24hrs/day (except when not in use for a couple of days or so then I switch it off), or just bad luck.

Look forward to hearing any comments as the warranty has also just run out, and I want to do all I can to stop anything else falling over.



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I had an AVR300 which on left on 24/7 except if i was away for a day pr two and never seemed to have any probs at all.

I do now however switch off all my equipment and i have found that my current pre/power combo takes very little time to 'warm up'. :smashin:

If it was definatley caused by you leaving it on then i would suggest switching to stand by when not in use.

Yes, Naim Audio recommend you leave (their) equipment powered up all the time, ready for use, but i do think some gear is better left until needed (if that makes sense).

deaf cat

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I've had my AVR200 for 1 year 11 months when it started to hum to its self, how long did you have your 300 for ?

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