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I'm a newbie to this Home Cinema stuff so shis might be a really dumb question . . .

I Have just purchased a Yamaha S540 DVD player and a Yamaha HTR5640RDS AV Receiver. Both of these models have component connections so that I can connect them together in this manner, but if I do I need to connect my TV via component too. The HTR5640RDS has component monitor out connections, but my problem is that my TV only has a Scart and S-Video.

So my question is:
Can I connect my HTR5640RDS to my TV using a Component -> Scart adapter such as:

Profigold PGV372 Component Video to Scart Interconnect

so that I can use my HTR5640RDS AV Receiver as a switching hub for my various sources?

Many thanks in anticipation


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In your case I would forget about the component connection. As your TV does not support such a connection the adapter cable would be of no use. Note that RGB is not compatible with YUV, even though the color of the YUV connectors implies otherwise.

You can instead use RGB via Scart if TV and player support this, all you need is a fully-wired Scart cable then. This would probably give the best picture quality.
Alternatively use S-Video, either via Scart or by means of adapter cables. You can also route the S-Video connection via the AV amp.
From amp to TV you need a S-Video to Scart adapter cable, but check that the TV actually supports S-Video via Scart (not all do).
(Or use S-Video to S-Video if the TV has a corresponding input.)
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