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Oct 23, 2001
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Sorry to post another component related query, but I really need some help.

I am trying to connect my plasma to my dvd players monitor out via component.

Thinking this would be straight forward I bought a qed qunex p-cv2 component to bnc cable.

Looking at the back of the plasma it has three bnc connections for component which are labelled as V U Y.

Looking on the plasma on screen menu you can select analog Y U V

But looking at the monitor out connections on my amp (Denon 3802) it has a Y ,PB/CB and PR/CR component connections.

I inserted the connections into the amp Green =Y, Blue = PB and Red = PR (taken from the back of the cable box), and then tried every combination thinkable at the plasma end.

Is this connection combination possible??
Did I rush and get the wrong cable??

Please help
Connections should be as follows:-

Y = Y
U = Pr
V = Pb

Should work fine.


Initially I'd try hooking the DVD's YUV Out direct to the Plasma YUV In - once you've got that working you can then reintroduce the AV Receiver.

Have you set your DVD to output YUV - most will not have this as the default and you will need to connect to a Composite or RGB TV and then using the DVD players menu set it to output YUV (you should still see an image via the Composite feed but now YUV will also be active).

If both the Source and Display are set to YUV you should get a green image as soon as you hook up the Y (sync) cable and after that if you get the other two cables the wrong way round you'll simply get strange colours.

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PS When you do introduce the AV Receiver you will also need to 'see' the receivers set-up menu first on a Composite or S-Video feed and 'assign' one of the YUV inputs to the DVD source selector (again not sure if this will be a default or not so worth double checking).

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