Component cables?



Is there any difference between componant cables and the phono style cables used to connect to a composite video source.

In terms of the sockets they look the same, but maybe the wiring/signal is different.

I have a 5 metre good quality Composite cable I want to use as a componant one. Any reason why I should'nt?
When we first got our Panny plasma in at work we naturally wanted to get it set up and working asap. At the time we didn't have any "dedicated" component cables in stock so as a temporary measure we just used 3 reasonable quality phono leads to connect an AVF-100 up to it.

I can honestly say that when we swapped over later on I could not see a difference! Make of that what you will but I wouldn't worry too much about using non specific leads... :)
Get three cables that are the same type and length.
Those are the only 'rules' to use with RGB/Component cables.
I beg to differ: a video/component cable should be of 75 Ohm type (and not 50 Ohm like analog interconnects).
Though the 50 Ohm type, even the cheap white/red/yellow cables coming with most (AV) equipment, will work you should expect better performance from the "correct" cable.

Nothing wrong with tyring out though as you won't damage anything ...

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