Component cables, same as stereo interconnects?


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At the recent Manchester hifi show I picked up a set of 1m component cables made by Ixos. They were originally over £70 but discounted down to £5! I rather stupidly thought they'd work between a Wii and an AV amp. I've since realised that'll not work.

My question is, can I use these component cables to pass audio from my Sky HD box to my amp, thus saving me having to buy a set of interconnects to do the job? They fit either the digital coax out or the stereo outputs on the back of the Sky box.

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Yes. Component cables are designed to go up to high frequencies and are fine for digital or analogue outputs.


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Excellent, from the three component cables I've now got on digital and two stereo interconnects for a fiver, result!

Thanks :)

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