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Hi just bought component cable for wii,the tv is wall mounted obviously with component connections.I am either going to place the wii under the tv on the fire place or in av cabinet,for a start i was just going to plug into tv with it placed underneath it,PROBLEM! I can not access the component connections with my tv bracket.So my amp is an onkyo tx876 can I just plug into the amp or does the cable need to to to the tv as ideally would like it played thruogh amp.I have also seen the wii hdmi conversion but would rather stay with component for now.Thanks for reading and any help would be great.Cheers Spencer.


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If the Onkyo has component input's, then just plug the Wii in there! :smashin:
Make sure you set the Wii to 480P/HDTV output in the Wii system menu once all hooked up :)
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