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    First of all I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question - but here goes.
    I have a ceiling mounted Sony 10HT projector which is connected to a DVD player and a PC which are housed in a separate room. The PC is connected to the projector by a 5 pin SMF-400 monitor cable and the DVD player is connected by an S-Video cable. The cables are built in to the walls and ceiling and cannot be accessed without major plastering and re-decoration work.

    I have just invested in a PAL/NTSC DVD player which has progressive scan and would like to take advantage of this feature but I know that I will have to connect it to the projector with a Component Video cable. Is it possible to put phono connectors on 3 of the 5 cables of the SMF-400 cable and use it for Component Video? The PC would then connect with the S-Video cable - (I've tried this and it's fine for my purposes). If it would it would prevent mega disruption.

    Any advice gratefully received!


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