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Can anyone recommend a good quality, cheap (i.e. £50) 10m long component video cable?


Just the one run of cable or a run of 3x10 meter?

I'm sure someone will come along with some make or other but why not have a go at making your own, it isn't difficult and using the right components you will have a product that is probably better quality than over the counter jobs costing many times more.

Just a thought ;)


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Preferrably a run of 3x10m. Is £50 about right, or is it worth spending a bit more for things like better shielding


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Have a look at Mark Grants cables on in the AV Forums power buys. Great value for money.


Originally posted by higenbs1
Cheers, but at £140 for 10m, a little bit out of my price range.
You are wanting quite a long run so realistically you are going to have to pay some "serious" money if you are not prepared to have a go at DIY. I've not seen or used Marks cables but they are supposed to be the "best" you can buy using quality components and he is making each and every one to order so each cable is getting the personal touch, you wont be able to get better for the money!
The choice is yours :)

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Good quality and Cheap don't often make it into the same sentence in the Home Theatre market.

Three 10m runs of VanDamme 75 OFC is probably going to be the closest you'll get to a decent quality cable that's sub £100.

We supply these to Broadcast, AV and Home Theatre customers and they are excellent value.

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You could try the Profigold 10m component cable at £50, eg here:


I've got a couple of Profigold audio cables in my setup, and they seem fine to me. I haven't tried any of their component cables though, so can't offer a view on them.

And if you really do want "cheap", there's this one at £20:


(no connection with any retailers mentioned above)

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