Component Cable for Xbox?

Jon Weaver

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I know that this post should go in the video games section, but I doubt if many people in that forum use Component.

I have never been interested in putting my video games on a big screen.. But having just bought a Plamsa, but as the Xbox support Progressive Scan, as does the Plasma, it would be stupid not to try it out

Is there anywhere that sells a 'cheap' component cable? I don't want to spend too much, as its only going to be for occasional use.

I have done a search and found that Comet to a "SAITEK COMPONENT SCART" for £9.99.. But I want it presented on Phonos instead of SCART.. I know it would be easy to convert the cable, but it would be nice to find the proper thing.

Any info on this would be appreciated


Jon Weaver

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If the Xbox had phono based component output then you are right.

But the Xbox has a proprietary AV connector at the back.. You have to buy a cable to bring out RGB, Component, SVideo or whatever from this connector.


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I got the official Hi-Def (component + digital out) pack when I was in the US earlier this year. Check as I think they sell the same kit.

Works like a charm, great picture with games.


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I think you will find the "SAITEK COMPONENT SCART" is not component, only scart or composite video phono.

Have you got a unmodded UK PAL Xbox? The reason I ask is I was under the impression that Progressive scan was not enabled on uk boxes.

You can apparently use the High Definition AV Pack available from a few places I have found but from what I have read it will not do any prog scan or hi-res stuff on a uk box:
(not ordered from any of these so can't say how good they are).

Also when I was last in my local 'Game' store, I am sure they had a proper (phono) component cable set for xbox. I can't find anything on their web site but may be worth checking if you have a store near you.

Jon Weaver

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My Xbox is as mod'd as it can be.

Its got an Extender chip which can be switched on/off, but is running the EvolutionX BIOS from the 'onboard' BIOS.

It also got an 80gig hard-drive installed, which means I can run all my games straight from the HD.

I am not use whether the modified BIOSs that I am running will allow Progressive Scan, but they enable everything else, so I imagine so.

Don't know about DVD playback, but I am sure that Progressive is an option games.

Joe Fernand

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As per Codlords post you can pick up the 'Gamester' High Def pack from Game for around £25-£30 (from memory) - it maybe gives you more than you require though.

It has a breakout box and then:
1 x set of three RCA to RCA for Component video
1 x S-Video cable
1 x TOSS link digital audio cable
1 x set of two RCA to RCA for analogue audio.

Best regards


Jon Weaver

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Thanks for the info.. I will pop into town later and see if my local 'game' has one.. However, I have a feeling that I am going to get a blank look and an attempt to sell me a normal AV cable, as "its got 3 phonos, so it must be the same"

I found one on-line in the end for £8.99, but they charge handling, VAT and shipping and the cost soon mounts up.


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which plasma did you get in the end>

Jon Weaver

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Toshiba 42PW27 (Panasonic Series 5)..

But its killing me, as its still in the box.. Don't have a stand (yet) and can't take the risk of balancing it temporarily.

Hopefully will have the stand this week.


Jon: just been into Game in Edinburgh for an Advanced SCART (19.99 if anyone needs to know) and they had the High Def pack for 24.99.

Jon Weaver

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Thanks for that.. I poped into Game in Newport and predictably I got a blank look when I asked for 'component'.

I explained what I was looking for and they showed me the normal AV cable.. After all, it had Phonos on it, so it must be the same.

Fortunatly, I spotted the 'High Def' pack (£24.99) on the rack and showed him the error of his ways.

But, for £24.99, I decided to buy the one 'on-line' for a total of £12.99 (including shipping and handling).

Many thanks for your help



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Originally posted by Jon Weaver
I decided to buy the one 'on-line' for a total of £12.99 (including shipping and handling).

where did you order it from? i was going to get the official one from dvdboxoffice for £17.

Jon Weaver

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Try ''.

They list it as £8.99, but you have to add a handling fee (£1.50), VAT and shipping.

It worked out at about 12.99


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