Component cable at Gamestation Edinburgh


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Was just in there and they had a few official Nintendo cables in (although if you are going in I would probably phone first)


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Bugger too late.

Game Cameron Toll said they were getting them next week.

Anyone know if any where else has any (apart from ebay)


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When I phoned them at 1.45pm they told me that had not had any in at all today


I got the two extra wiimotes I was after anyway so now all I need is to find a component cable

Oh yeah just to confuse people, Gamestation in Edinburgh has about 6 Component Cable empty DVD size boxes sitting on the shelf with no prices on them. I think they didi it just to confuse people!


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As I said, I spoke to 3 diff ppl at gamestation and they seemed to believe they had none in today,

It still wouldn't surprise me if they had some anyway but I given up believeing anything anyway

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