Component 4:2 switch replace, repair or convert?


My Zektor 4:2 switch turns off intermittently. It's not regular or predictable. It could switch itself off after a few seconds or it could stay on for two hours.
While I don't use them often I have an Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and Wii that output progressively through component.
There is no issue with the picture quality of the Zektor, when it's working it looks as good as it ever did.
Has anyone had the same issue and found it fixable or, if not, are there any places with stock of component switches? The only sellers I've come across are US based.
Converters seem to be problematic as there is the issue of lag and picture integrity.
Any advice much appreciated.

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First thing to try would be a replacement PSU - if that doesn’t resolve it I can ask our Tech if he could take a look at it.

Zektor have been pretty bomb proof so not much experience of having to repair them at board level.

Some components may not be available as spares unless we have some old units we could cannibalise.

New YUV switch gear is pretty rare and some of the Zektor features were pretty unique - not impossible to replace but may not deliver all of the features the Zektor offered.

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The video processing is just as good as it was when new so it sounds like it could be a PSU issue. Could it be the external plug/transfomer? It might be worth trying a different one.
Component isn't as important as it used to be in my setup but it's still used occasionally.
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