Component 4:2:2,4:4:4 or RGB Colourspace


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Hi :)

Got an Oppo DV-980H and was wondering what colourspace from HDMI output i should use?I have a feeling it should be either Component 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 instead of RGB although my Lumagen HDP accepts all three through DVI input :thumbsup:



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Not trying to be anal, but DVDs are 4:2:0, any DVD player would upconvert to 4:2:2. SDI is the only means to get pure 4:2:0.

With Lumagens it is always good practice to use 4:2:2 from source to VP. Processing is done in YUV colourspace anyway, and then the Lumagen will output as RGB 4:4:4 to the display (RGB is ultimately what any digital display will physically display the image in). RGB <-> YUV should be lossless, but often isn't.

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