Complex problem, about to kill my tv


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First off, I would like to thank everyone in advance, as this forum has helped me in many issues... The issue I am having is the following...

"Unsupport Singal" message comes across my Sony TV, which I know there are many posts on here about this, but it seems my issue goes farther...

So at first I thought it was a faulty cable *its a 16' monster 1000 series cable that runs to the tv to a media closet. When I removed my comcast DVR from the closet and just ran a 4' HDMI cable to the tv, everything worked. So I ran a new cable in the wall and everything seemed to work for about a month. I went to turn my tv on the other day and the message came up again. So at this point I switched the DVR with comcast and still had the same issue with the new cable. I figured since the old monster hdmi is still in the wall I would give that a shot. Well it worked!! Now its been about a week and only the old HDMI works. It will not work thru my receiver so I have to switch between my Comcast DVR and my PS3, which is a real pain the butt. My question is why does one cable only work a few weeks and than it needs a "vacation"? Or do you feel the issue lies somewhere else?

Equipment I have...

Sony 40ex500
Denon AVR791
Comcast DVX3400
Sony PS3
Monster 1000 series 16 foot HDMI
Rocketfish 16' HDMI
Rocketfish 4' cables
Logitech Harmony 900 working with RF

Hope I have enough details in the correct wording, kind of hard to put my thoughts on to a page atm...

Thanks again in advance, Its driving me crazy:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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The HDMI socket on the TV sounds like it needs investigating – do you have another HDMI equipped TV you can use as a control device?

You need to only make one change at a time when you’re trying to track down an intermittent fault – and keep detailed notes; it’s easy to forget what you tested with what.

It’s always best to power off (at the wall) all connected devices when you are making any changes to a system connected via HDMI - again takes more time but is the only way to ensure you are clearing EDID and HDCP across the system.



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Okay, Thanks for the response.. Tonight I tried to run the PS3 on HDMI 2 with the Monster cord, the original, and it worked, attempted rocketfish cable on HDMI and it didnt work. I tried to run the Ps3 on the HDMI 3 with the Monster cable, it still worked, although on HDMI 3 with the rocketfish cable it didn't work. When I ran the rocketfish cable, I did it because the Monster wasnt working, same problem I have now with the rocketfish. Except now the monster is working again and not the rocketfish... Am I missing something?? :suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide::suicide:

Joe Fernand

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Again minimise the variables and clear reporting required :thumbsup:

Using a single Source device try:

TV HDMI 1 – Cable A yes/no
TV HDMI 1 – Cable B yes/no

TV HDMI 2 – Cable A yes/no
TV HDMI 2 – Cable B yes/no

TV HDMI 3 – Cable A yes/no
TV HDMI 3 – Cable B yes/no

You choose which is cable A and B.


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