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Complex IF Statements


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Hi All,

Is anyone good with complex if statements?

The point of this excel sheet is calculate how much VAT I owe or how much I can claim.

Any help much appreciated.

one of the screen prints show a minus figure which is what I would owe to hmrc in this example.



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Deleted member 30535

Personally I'd look at a slight redesign as well and use conditional formatting.

Would this work?



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What do you want it to look like? Are you trying to put the result in a different location, trying to change some text, or something else?

Thank you for your quick response guys!

Where I've got cell L6 that would show me how much I owe for that period.

My assumption being Total input tax minus total output tax?

So I2 minus I3? But in the previous example that would show me £1,104.69 which is incorrect.

Where I've got L7 that would be the total I can claim for that period so input tax minus output tax. But I believe this to be the incorrect too as the cell shows a negative figure

Basically I want the numbers to fit in the corresponding cell.

Please see another example attached of why the formula isn't working for me.

So the information I'm trying to calculate is:

how much do I owe? if this is 0 then show 0, if I owe VAT then show total I owe

How much can I can? if this is a 0 then show 0, if I can claim money then show total owed


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You've got it wrong way around. If output tax is higher than input tax then you owe the difference to HMRC.

I agree with you, but if i use my current method of deducting the amount I end up with a negative number rather than 0.

please see attached another example.


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