Completely Dead K800 - 1 day old.


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Picked up my SE K800 on O2 UK from the link today and all was going well , was learning how to use phone , features etc,

But after using the internet and rss bbc news feed, phone started freezing, tried rebooting took about 5 mins stuck on the logo screen or would get stuck on the searching network main screen.

Now the phone is dead , nothing will make it do anything , charging , taking battery out etc no lights- battery was fully charged before i played with it. Will leave it over night on charge , but did a quick google on dead k800 and looks like im not the only one with a k800 die on them.

Hoping the link will just swap it for another one without any problem but p**ssed this has happned - my previous phone 6680 had to get replaced after 2 days becuase of a line of dead pixels. just my luck. im off to Bed. :(


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Given that it's only 1 day old, the Link will have to replace it. Sounds like a bit of bad luck.


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Just had the phone replaced today no problems or issues, they looked kinda suprised it was bust but very willing to just swap it. Hoping this new phone - looked like a sealed unit will be more reliable.

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