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Hi All,

I am a newbie to all things projector - however I have been at a friends recently and he has one, a pretty cheap-ish one from Amazon (~£200) and I was still blown away by the size and image.

I am looking to buy 1, possibly 2, projectors.

1 would be for the bedroom - I am thinking Epson EF-12 as it looks to have a small footprint and it's sub £1k.

My question - anyone have that, or have an opinion on it, or could suggest something similar in terms of size / cost that would deliver a better picture / sound?

The other would be for my living room. I was thinking of getting an 85" TV, but the more I think about it the more I might want to go down the projector route. My biggest issue: wires. Any guides / tips on what to do if you need to ceiling / wall mount the projector? Is there any way around having to run wires all over the place?

I'd be running all the pictures through an AV Amp, so I might get away with a single HDMI for image only. However it would be around 20 feet - so is that sensible? Are there any other options?

Cheers all.


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I have no experience of this projector but the EF-12 is 1,000 lumens and the quoted throw distance maxes apparently at around 10ft.

It’s aimed at being a portable unit, you could get a better stationary pj if you are using your own speakers etc.

The TW7000 would be better or the even more budget TW650.

At a 20ft throw, for these the minimum image width would be about 3 metres but the lumens would struggle at that distance.

If you mean a 20ft hdmi cable from your amp to pj then yes you can get long cables, even more so if you stick to 1080p.

I say all the above, but have not had any of these projectors myself personally, so not a recommendation per se.

I would suggest either getting a demo or ordering from Amazon (due to their returns policy if you don’t rate it).

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