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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by grosem, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I am a complete novice & complete electro-numpty! So keep it simple.

    I set up my Sony DAVDZ100 to my Sharp 32 inch TV last night. That TV set-up is confusing at the bext of times, so it did not help.

    Anyway, the instructions were followed to the letter. All I have is my speakers set up as suggested in the manual & the DVD (amp) is connected to the TV via a scart. The manual suggests that this is all I need to get surround through the TV, as well as DVDs. I have 3 scarts in the TV, only one on the DVD (amp). Not sure if I've plugged it in the right one on the telly?

    The DVD works fine. Sound is great etc, but TV is just via the TV speakers & CD is just front 2, Sub & centre.

    I don't want the Odeon Leicester Square. Just to get my Sky+ and CDs through all my speakers. Can this be done?
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    You need to have the dvd/amp scart going to a scart on the tv that also outputs audio ,check your tv manual you may also have to select in your amp setup scart input as for cd;s Stereo is what they should be in usually therefore if you want another effect you will have to select it ie Dolby prologic 2 music

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