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complete newby


Tom Vodhanel

Should work fine. Run a mono line level cable from the subwoofer output of the receiver to the RCA input on the subwoofer. Find a good location for the subwoofer(this may take some trial and error), set all speakers to SMALL in the receiver's speaker setup menu, calibrate the system with a SPL meter...and you are all set!

If you don't have a SPL meter to calibrate the bass, one good subjective (by ear) method is to put on bassy music and set the bass so that...no one notices the subwoofer is even *on*...until you turn it off..:)

Tom V.


Established Member
i have the xls200 connected to the 5300 (which from the link is pretty similar to the 5200) for cinema (and a MF XA1 for stereo work). Connection is not a problem, I have it set up without the use of a SPL (dont own one or know anyone who has one to borrow) and it sounds bloody good (coming from both amps) :thumbsup:

I would recommend it without hesitation ....


Standard Member
Does anyone know where i could get hold of a manual for the sr5200? I moved in august and i've never seen it since :mad:

Ian J

wnb said:
Another question:) Whats actual difference is there between the xls200 and the xls200-df?

It's mainly a matter of styling. The XLS200 has a driver that faces forwards and the DF fires downwards.


As long as your budget allows, the XLS200 is an excellent subwoofer.

I have had mine about a week, watched a fair few films with it, and take it from me, it is one awesome piece of kit. Especially now it's starting to bed in :smashin:


try looking at ebay. ive still got a set of sonys, SAVE-2M i think. the sub with that is also pretty good

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